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Facts about Jersey cattle

•The Jersey is relatively small in size - about 400 to 450kgs in weight
•The Jersey’s hard black hooves are much less prone to lameness
•The Jersey can now be found across the world with a large population in countries such as;
Australia, Canada, Denmark, New Zealand, South Africa, the USA and Zimbabwe,
as well as here in the UK
•After the Holstein the Jersey is the second most popular specialist Dairy breed world-wide
•Jerseys thrive under both extremes of temperature - they can grow thick coats in very cold
climates, whilst suffering from much less heat stress than the other dairy breeds
in hotter regions of the world
•Despite her small size the Jersey is renowned for its ease of calving, allowing it to be
crossed with the larger beef breeds
•Studies carried out in Denmark show the Jersey to be less prone to many diseases
than other dairy breeds
•Scientific studies also show the Jersey cow produces milk more efficiently than other breeds.
This can be especially important in countries where feed may be restricted
•Jersey milk is in many ways unique. As a product it contains; 18% more protein, 20% more
calcium and 25% more butterfat than average milk
•In both the USA and South Africa the Jersey is the only breed increasing in numbers
due to the demand for its high quality processing milk

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