New Forge World Mechanicum Release.

Some exciting new stuff out of Forge World today with the release of Mechanicus Myrmidon Destructors. These guys are really cool and i think that this Army may actually be the best thing to come from the Horus Heresy in the long run, as it is not general Space Marine stuff like we are used to. These guys fit a dual purpose, in that it could be Dark Mechanicum or regular loyalist in 30k, but now, potentially in the near future, we may get a 40k rules set for these mysterious priests of Mars. Many people have wanted legit Mechanicum stuff for quite a long time now, and its really nice to finally see some of these units realized as models....

Along with the daunting array of weapons that this unit comes with - (A Volkite Culverin I believe, plus a Conversion Beamer and a Radiation Engine) - these models also stand taller than a lot of others. For a size comparison check out the picture below. These will make even a terminator look kind of short. The robes also help finish of this unit ascetic nicely I think. Can't wait to see what other amazing units we will get for this new 30k Army (crosses fingers and hopes this comes to 40k also) Forge World has really stepped up their releases and I have yet to see something that has looked disappointing in quite a long time. At this point I am more into the Forge World releases than I am with GW where 40k/30k is concerned, but I am hopeful that these releases will help GW get an idea of what to do should they choose to finally bring this faction into 40k.

For more info and pictures check out the link to Forge World here;