Just The Ticket

When Warsaw's urban transport authority raised its fares last autumn (adult single from 2.40 zlotys to 2.80), it also introduced a new 20 minute ticket. I must say, this is an excellent institution; I stock up with bundles of these for short urban hops.

The 20 minute ticket has two advantages over the standard single; the first is that you can use it for a full 20 minutes of multi-mode transport. Today, returning from a meeting, I missed the 171 which goes directly to my office, so I caught a 125 then changed to catch a 162, jumping off at the stop by my office with five minutes left on the ticket (the clock starts counting down once you've validated it on the bus). The second advantage is that I can use the ticket for short multi-zone journeys. We live two stops from the edge of the central zone, to travel into Strefa (zone) 2, a separate and expensive ticket used to be required.

May I recommend all car-bound types to buy a pocketful of these tickets (around 35p each!) and use them instead of their car for short journeys across town.