How To Mix And Match Fabric

In my humble itty bitty opinion -- next to paint, fabric is the easiest, cheapest way to transform a room. A coat of paint and new drapes, cushions or pillows, and you have a brand new room. Same furniture – different room!

I encourage you to check out your nearest fabric store for inspiration. When you’re starting fresh in a room, a gorg fabric is a perfect jumping off point. A beautiful fabric will make the rest of the room happen.

So how do you mix fabrics? First of all – don’t be afraid to mix patterns, stripes, solids, checks…just about anything. As long as the colors all tie in together, you’d be surprised what looks fab together.

Most of the time, fabric stores do the work for you. You’ll find fabrics displayed next to others in similar colors and textures that work together.

For example – this floral print and the stripe are beeee-utiful combined:

Drapes in the stripe, pillows in the floral (with a piping in the stripe!), and a solid color pulling them together on the backs of the pillows or maybe as a solid panel at the top or bottom of the drapes…FAB!!

Small prints and large prints look fantastic together:

Upholster a chair in the floral, with the small check as the piping or as a small pillow – GORG. (Or vice versa!)

I pass by these prints at Joann’s every single time I’m there, and every single time, I wish I had a space to use them:


I adore that large, funky floral print! The colors are a perfect match (the same manufacturer) so they are made to go together. The floral would be awesome on something large, like drapes. The stripes could be an accent throughout the room.

All four of these prints absolutely go together:

It depends on your taste and how daring you are – personally, I would use the large stripe and the large print together – but all of these could easily work in a space. To keep it from getting overwhelming, a couple could be used as piping or trim – just a little touch to keep interesting but not too I-use-a-lot-of-fabrics in your face.

There are just a crazy amount of fun fabrics that would be SO fun for a kid’s room. Of course the girly prints are a little more prevalent:

Aren’t those adorable?

Many of you may be surprised that I don’t follow many big time designers/decorators – I see a lot of inspiration out there but only consistently love the work of just a few.

Including another Sarah:

I used to watch Sarah Richardson years ago, and consider her to be the QUEEN of mixing fabrics in the most fabulous ways. 

Here are a few examples…

I believe there are four fabrics just on the sofa! The animal print is a little much for me, but otherwise, I think they work beautifully. There’s another print on the stools and I still don’t feel overwhelmed by them all.

This one I love because it shows all the ways to use one(or at least a very similar) fabric:

The stripe creates a square when pieced together on the pillow, and then the room is pulled together by using it again and again on the bench and chairs. I LOVE this look.

I like how the little bit of blue from a stripe in one fabric is pulled into the diamond pattern on the chair, then in accessories throughout this room:

Some of you will see this next one and fall in love instantly, some will hate it passionately:

I think I love it.  ;) The blue tones in the chair are a bit deeper than those the window treatments. The ottomans pull in the browns from both the chair and the drapes. It’s a unusual combo of funky and natural prints. Funky natural. Naturally funky?

In her own baby’s nursery, she combined EIGHT fabrics in one room! But it’s not overwhelming (to me at least) – it’s FUN:

I adore the large floral print with the smaller print on the ottoman. Adorable.

So what do you think – are you sceered to mix and match? Have you tried and clashed fabrics? How many have you used in one room? ;)

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