Hello, Again, Hello!

...Is anybody out there?...

I've been away from Home for 67 days and we have a lot of catching up to do!
Ironically, the very thing that necessitated my time away came about as a result of this blog. Funny how that works.

My recent adventure began with a post I wrote last year on the 2012 Pasadena Showcase House. The piece, Designer Style: 10 Lessons from A Showcase House, came to the attention of a bookazine publisher producing an issue on designer showcases. He liked the article and wanted to include it in the publication, Home Colors. I was thrilled! They were also looking for someone to write an introduction for the project and I happily obliged. It was a match made in home decor heaven. Color palettes, details and trends, oh-my!

When asked if I would be interested in writing my own bookazine, (a special-edition book in magazine format) on Flea Markets, however, I knew someone up there was looking out for me.  Nana has been pulling some strings.

It was a dream project. As a flea market fan for years (no need to count how many...) I have made pilgrimages to markets from Los Angeles to London and points in between. The legendary Paris Fleas are on my bucket list. I've toted oversized salvage home in my carry-on, and used twine and bungi cords to strap down my tailgate with the best of 'em. Countless Sunday afternoons spent strolling through stalls and sifting through bins had brought me to this moment. Channeling my inner flea market ninja, I felt prepared. 

There was just enough time to do a happy dance and thank my lucky stars before the whirlwind of writing, interviewing and photographing began. 

A newbie to the bookazine process, I had a long way to go and a short time to get there (Oh, yeah, quoting Smokey and the Bandit now...), but the wild ride was a reward in itself.

I interviewed antiques and collectible rockstars (aka appraisers) from the Antiques Roadshow, got to know The Junk Gypsies, Aime and Jolie Sikes, had amazing conversations with The Market Warriors and became an even bigger fan of Cari Cucksey.

I also learned that although, yes, the Paris Fleas really are as cool as they sound -I should also add Chicago, Texas, Philadelphia, Buenos Aires, Morroco and an all-night flea market in Illinois to my list.

Aside from new-found flea market wisdom, and the on-the-job purchases I scored on my journey, it was the people I met met and the stories they shared that made the most lasting impression: Welcome to The Tribe of the Treasure Seekers. If you belong to the Tribe, you know who you are. If you haven't joined yet, there's always room for kindred spirits.

I handed in the last bits of the bookazine about a week ago, and have taken a few days to catch my breath (and clean my house, feed my kids, and actually get myself to a yoga class...and all those other casualties of a looming deadline). It feels good.

Fabulous Flea Markets is due out on newstands nationwide July 2. Mark your calendars -and in the meantime...we will now be returning to our regularly scheduled programming. It's good to be Home.