Gordon Highlanders - 28mm Colonials

Jocks - present arms!The painting challenge submissions continue.  These are some Gordon Highlanders, a six-pack which had been sitting in my pending pile for a couple of years - since the last time I had painted models for my colonial collection.  As with my other colonial selections, these beautiful figures are from Perry Miniatures.

Painting tartan, sporran, hose etc. makes me mental, but I love having Highlanders on the table in a colonial game.  They are very evocative of the period, and a line of gentlemen in kilts confronting the horde of fanatics is always fun!

I already had about 12 Highlanders painted, so this will round the unit out nicely. I am a little concerned that the colours I used here will not match exactly with the last batch I had painted (those used the now departed GW paints), but it looks close enough.  More fun for the colonial gaming table!

"Steady...don't fire until the last moment..."If you are painting Highlanders, I recommend this site - I found it essential for trying to make sense of how to even attempt the kilts.