Going Nautical

 I Love Nautical.  I Love Everything About it.  I Love a Navy and White Stripe, with Touches of Red.  I love The Sea, Sailboats and Rope.  I Think it's a good Summer look.  And after my recent trip to the Oregon Coast I was inspired to bring That Nautical Look into my Living room.

 I Layered my Mantle With Boats and Bottles and anything I could find around my house that Said "Sea" to me.

 I am Super excited about my New Window frame.  I did a post here about my Sisters Kitchen wall that she wanted my help decorating. She told me that she had an old window that she wanted to use,  so I found her lots of inspiration pictures on Decorating with Window frames, as you may remember. Well Because she is so Sweet she gave me an extra Window frame that she had.  I'm pretty sure I will paint it white eventually,  but I kinda liked it wood for now.

She still needs to give us all an update of how her wall is coming along.  (Hint Hint Nate'e)  Oh and she also gave me the old bottles that are on my mantle as well.  Love Her!

In my previous post here , I showed off the old blue drawer that is on my mantle.

 This is the Other side of the Room.  I love how the mantle reflects in my entry mirror.

 I'm Still crazy about my Whale Pillow That I won here .  I tend to carry it around the house with me and get it into every shot.

Ok, It's now time to go pick up my Son from his very last day of Pre-School.  Glad I was able to keep myself busy blogging otherwise I would probably be sitting on the couch with a box of tissues wondering where the years have gone.

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