Fawcett Ave Conscripts - Westside Chapter

A artistic rendition of Dan, Sylvain and myself...
(we're trying to tone down on the 'tude these days, you know to be more welcoming)
Hey y'all, Curt here. I was just ruminating the other day, counting on my fingers and toes, and almost fell off my chair when I realized that the Fawcett Avenue Conscripts has been around for 13 years now. Thirteen freakin' years! (Sarah kindly reminded me that we bought the house on Fawcett the same year we got married so it shouldn't have come as that big of a surprise - a bit of marital trivia that, in of itself, I find quite shocking.) Anyway, its been awhile that we've been in Regina and I've been gaming with a small group of fine fellows on a semi-regular basis (Sylvain Rheault, Dan Davies (a grognard Conscript from the early days, who is also a colleague at the Archives) and a few others chaps who drop in from time-to-time). Now, the boys and I figure we're ready to quite messin' about and go 'pro' with a regular gaming night. So I thought that instead of reinventing the wheel we'd instead open a Western Chapter of the Conscripts - sorta like the Hells Angels but without the crime, fast women and motorcycles (and, well, dorkier). To this end we plan on showing you a bit of the stuff that we're doing/playing out here. If you are ever in these parts (roughly 500k west down Portage Ave.) please drop us a note and we'll get a game going for you!